Thursday, June 21, 2012

Folk Music is Boring!!!

And it's their own, damn fault

I've been looking around the web at different "folk" music sites. I've also started listening to the radio again. I live in Austin, so, yup. I listen to KGSR.

Here's the deal. It's like watching a soap opera. The songs and artists never change. Within two seconds of turning on the radio, I can recognize the song, and turn the radio back off. Same goes for folky websites. Same short list of artists. Same greying beard on the programmer.

That's another thing. All these damn programmers look exactly alike. 60ish male with greying, short cropped beard. He's wearing his newest and latest folk festival shirt and baggy jeans. Usually Keen's or Merrill's on his feet. You know the guy...

Why can't we shake it up? Kick new-age sexism in the ass? Start calling KGSR or logging onto Folk Alley and DEMAND some variety. There are a lot of great artists that need to be heard beyond their hometown or some friendly house concert along the road. And this is my theory. Most folk  programmers/producers are star f***ers. They are middle aged men who want to boost their ego by "getting to know" the big folk acts. You'll notice that you'll find plenty of photos of these guys mugging with somebody "famous."

I hate that crap.

I love a new discovery or re-emergence of an old artist. And, of course, I have my personal favorites. Some, I love because they are just so wonderfully talented. Others are just great people who are also wonderful artists. I still get excited when a new discovery comes to me. However, it's just little old me. If you read this, then you probably are somewhat like me. Demand that those great folks under the radar are deserving of some attention from the establishment.

Yes. Even folk music is an establishment.

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