Monday, May 21, 2012

Custom Jewelry by Jessi Lynn

Songwriter Creates Personalized Wedding Gifts for the Wedding Party


This is actually a re-post because I wanted to share something with you that will illustrate how even successful songwriters and independent musicians find creative ways to increase their income and their name recognition. Jessi Lynn is a jewelry artist. Recently, she was commissioned to make gifts for a wedding party.  Read on!

 If you're looking for the perfect gift for the wedding party, try custom jewelry that can be worn during the wedding. I recently had a house guest who is a touring musician. Jessi Lynn also makes custom jewelry. I've purchased a cool necklace from her, and the thing I like about her work is that it is unisex. On her last visit, she was busily making necklaces for a wedding party. That's a great idea.

These gifts were perfect for the causal theme of the wedding. Often, brides struggle to find the perfect gift to say, "thank you." By purchasing necklaces that would work with the wedding, but also last beyond the special day, was a beautiful idea. Jessi Lynn has a variety of simple
styles, so one could order a pendant for men that is on a leather chain and put the same pendant on something more delicate for women.

Bracelets are a good idea, too. Once again, this made-to-order jewelry is unisex, durable, and lasting. If you’ve never heard of Jessi Lynn, chances are your gift will be as original as her music. Check out her YouTube Channel in the side bar. Then check out her
custom jewelry store on her website.

I know there are many touring independent musicians out there with other sources of income. I'd be interested to hear what others do to increase the bottom line. Don't forget. Your art is your business.  Your other activities should be incorporated into your music marketing plan; especially if you advertise those other things on your website.

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