Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Art of Independent Music

Noelle Hampton & Christy Claxton


Yes, of course. Music is art, but I'm not talking about that kind of art. Mostly, this blog will be about the art of the business of independent music. No secret that the major labels are in a free fall. They'll land somewhere, but in the meantime, DIY musicians are on the scramble to redefine the music business.

It's a art form. Everyone has a little different way of doing it because everyone has a little different audience, lifestyle, and musical milieu. Here are a few things I'll talk about:
  • My music marketing ideas
  • Musicians' music marketing ideas
  • Musicians' other forms of income
  • Product and service reviews
  • Artist profiles and reviews
The guest book is where you can leave me tips and suggestions. I'll be straight up and tell you right here that I'll delete cyberjerks' comments. So you have to be nice, and you have to write something that readers and I can really use.

About the Blogger


I currently live in Austin, Texas. I used to live in the country on a little patch of land. I ran a concert series from my front porch. From there, I created The Peace from the Porch Project. It's still active, and this is one of the projects for PFTP. I've always be a "go to girl" for independent musicians. Whether I hosted house concerts, wrote reviews, or helped with promotions, I managed to meet many great musicians.

I play a little music, too. It gives me a little empathy towards the art of independent music. So let me say right here. It's a hard business. Nobody has it easy. Nobody. No magic bullet. Slow and steady. That's mostly it. 

About the Artists


I'm fickle, so I will have a "favorite" artist or idea one day, and then totally celebrate something else the next. It's like art, you know. It grows and changes like I do. However, I promise that the people I do talk about are worth your consideration, so click the hyperlinks when you see them.

I'm always amazed at the talent that's out there working. Some of these musicians have been around for many years, and others are relatively new to the scene. That doesn't seem to be a factor in who is successful and who isn't. Remember, it's an art. If I share someone's idea that doesn't resonate with you, then likely, it's not a good idea for you.

Music fans, you'll find plenty of good stuff here, too. Just click on those hyperlinks. You'll discover a few things you will really like.  O.K.!  Let's get started. Next entry will include something you can take away with you. Could be a song... could be an idea.

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